Delaware Water Gap / Appalachian Trail Backpacking March 16 – 17, 2019

Post date: Mar 01, 2019 5:20:53 PM

We will have a two-day trip to the scenic Delaware Water Gap which includes part of the Appalachian Trail.

This trip will likely have two options for hiking.

Option 1 (more suited for older scouts):

Day 1 – 10 mile Trek along AT (about 6 hours of hiking) with backpacks (Dunnfield Creek to Mohican Outdoor Center)

Day 2 – Optional hike of Mt. Tammany, no packs needed (NJ side of gap).

Option 2: (better for younger scouts):

Day 1 – Day hikes within the DWG park on the NJ side, using Mohican Outdoor Center as base camp.

Day 2 – Optional hike of Mt. Tammany, no packs needed (NJ side of gap).

We will need sufficient drivers to leave only minimum cars at the starting point of the 10-mile hike. (There will be some car / people shuttling needed since option 1 is a one-way hike). At least four adult leaders would be needed to have two-deep leadership if we do both hiking options.

The one night of camping can count toward camping requirements for advancement or the camping merit badge. Hiking can contribute toward hiking merit badge requirements, but be aware that a 5-mile hike must be completed and recorded prior to this 10-mile hike in order for it to count toward this requirement. For Tenderfoots, a 5-mile hike with map and compass is required for advancement to Second Class, so bring a compass.