Summer Camp

It is time to prepare for Camp Horseshoe 2020.  The camp week is July 19th through July 26th.  The Camp is organized and run by the staff at Horseshoe.  As returning scouts know, summer camp at Horseshoe is a great opportunity to:

* Earn merit badges

* Participate in fun activities

* Forge bonds with fellow scouts

For detailed information about summer camp, download the Program Guide at this page (Important Info About Summer Camp). While there are several Boy Scout troops in residence during the week, each troop has its own designated campsite and Troop 181 will be staying again in our favorite campsite – Roberts!

Cost, RSVP & Payment deadline 

The cost is $420 per scout with early registration (full payment due before April 15). Our troop has decided to pay for $50 for each scout going this year, so the final cost is $370 per scout.  Adults attend for free (Troop 181 will pay for their costs). 


Please RSVP by Feb 23 to Amy Zhang : to secure your spot of early registration. Full payment  of $370 is due  by April 13. Please note that payment made after that will not qualify for early registration discount and the cost would be $425 instead of $370.

Two ways of payment:

1) Pay by check: Please make your check payable to “Troop 181”, and give to Amy Zhang at an upcoming troop meeting, or you can mail to Amy Zhang at 10 Elan Lane, Chesterbrook, PA 19087.

2) Pay by Venmo: The Venmo account is   @BSA-TroopOneEightyOne

No scout will be excluded due to financial considerations and Troop 181 has a designated fund set aside for camp scholarships.  If you would like details, please contact Scoutmaster Sean Kim

Required Medical Forms

Every scout who attends Summer Camp must have a Boy Scout medical form on file with the Council.  Parts A, B and C of the health form are required, and Part C must be signed by your scout’s doctor.  This form can be found below and also at the Summer Camp tab located on the left side of this website. Also needed is a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card.  These forms are good for one year, so if your scout has a form dated August 2019 or later, he may still be current. These medical forms are due to Amy Zhang by June 8th. Adults who are onsite for 72 hours need to also submit part A-C. If camping for fewer hours, only part A, B are needed. 

Taking Medications at Camp

If your scout needs to take any medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription, the Camp Horseshoe Troop Medication Instruction Form must be completed for each medication.  The medication will be stored at camp and administered by a designated leader during the camp week.  

See Medication Instruction/Approval Form (Download and print from the attachment at the bottom).  Please fill out one section for each medication to be administered at Camp. This form should be completed for anyone who will be staying overnight at camp. This includes scouts and adults who need to take medication while at Camp Horseshoe. All medications should be in the original container with the original label prepared by the pharmacy or physician which provides all of the customary information such as the patient‘s name clearly marked, drug name, dosage and instructions. All non-prescription medication must be marked with the patient‘s name and any instructions. ) 

WE ASK THAT THIS FORM BE COMPLETED BY THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN AND TURNED IN TO TROOP LEADERSHIP at the troop meeting on Tuesday, June 8th. All medications (except Epi pens, Lactaid and albuterol inhalers) must be turned in to the Troop Leaders at the start of the stay in camp. EPIPENS AND RESCUE INHALERS should be carried by the scout at all times while at camp, in accordance with the prescription or instructions from the patient‘s physician.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you need a few extra days to submit the Medication Instruction Form. See form below. 

Special Need Request Form

If you have any special needs(physical arrangement, assistance requested or special dietary request, etc), please fill out the Special Needs Request form attached at end of this page and submit to Amy before June 8th.

Adult Campers Welcome

Moms, Dads and Grandparents are not only welcome to join in the camping fun, but are needed in order to fulfill the two-deep leadership requirement.  This means that we must have four adults in case any leaders need to leave camp for any reason. Any adult spending one or more nights must have the 3 required clearances - FBI, criminal history, and child abuse and take Youth Protection Training online ( Any adult spending 72 hours or more in the camp (not necessarily consecutive) must be registered as a leader (Adult Application Form).

Adults don’t need to stay for the full week – although we recommend a minimum of 2 or 3 nights in order to really benefit from the unique Horseshoe camping experience.  There is no camp charge to adults (free vacation!) and Wi-Fi is available at Camp Headquarters.  If you are not needed by the scoutmaster, you can pop in at headquarters to check email and make quick phone calls if necessary.  An email will be sent soon as adult sign-ups will be done online.

Camp Horseshoe is such a special experience for both scouts and their parents. Please sign up herePlease contact Amy at or (610)731-3823 if you have any questions

Happy Camping,


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