Post date: Mar 06, 2016 4:46:9 PM

The April camping trip is to Camp Henson in Rhodesdale, MD. Up to eight scouts (age 14+) will have the opportunity to learn the basics of safely riding an All‐Terrain Vehicle to maximize rider safety and minimize the impact that ATV's have upon the environment.

Scouts not participating in the ATV ride are welcome on the trip. Activities and games will be set-up for Saturday. This will be a normal (fun!) camping trip in every other respect.

Sleeping in a cabin - Lodges are fully equipped with bunks and mattresses,electricity, running water in kitchen, and refrigerator, some with cooking stoves, tables, benches and a heat source - (woodstove, gas, electric heat or fireplace).

Ed Maier will be available at the troop meeting on Tuesday, March 8 to provide information and answer questions. Due to work and vacation travel, this will be the only chance to talk with Ed.

Sign up below and be sure to indicate whether interested in riding ATVs. Riders will need to pay a $50 activity fee and provide special release form (see below). All attendees will need to pay $15 patrol food money (four meals).