2022 Summer Camp: Horseshoe


As returning scouts know, summer camp at Horseshoe is a great opportunity to:

* Earn merit badges

* Participate in fun activities

* Forge bonds with fellow scouts

The Camp is organized and run by the staff at Horseshoe. For more information about Camp Horseshoe visit this website:

  • 2022 Camp Horseshoe

It is time to prepare for Camp Horseshoe 2022! The camp week is July 24 through July 30, 2022. For detailed information about summer camp, download the Program Guide at this page: Https://

Parents, especially new parents, please download this program guide and read it to get familiar with this program. While there are several Boy Scout troops in residence during the week, each troop has its own designated campsite and Troop 181 will be staying again in our favorite campsite – Roberts!