Post date: Jun 17, 2016 11:22:37 AM

The countdown to a fun week of summer camp (7/2-7/9) is underway. Please read this post for important information to know for camp week (how to reach your son at summer camp, send packages, etc.)

What to Bring

See packing list below. We highly recommend that your Scout pack his personal gear in a footlocker to bring to camp. This is one that many parents purchase:

Evening Retreat Ceremony

Each night at 5:45 there is a "retreat" ceremony in which all troops at camp participate. You can see all of the troops at camp marching in formation (yes - this is what the scouts having been practicing for!) and retiring the flags for the evening. To see the ceremony, click on the webcam at 5:45 at

Emailing Your Scout

To send an email to your scout, go to the same webcam link at You will see an area on the webpage where you can enter your scout's name, the troop number (181) and the campsite (Roberts).

Sending Packages to Your Scout

Scouts enjoy receiving packages from their families when they are away at camp. If you want to send snacks, small toys, etc. to your son, use the mailing address below. Be aware that it will take a few days for your package to arrive at camp, so it is recommended that you mail your package by Monday of the week of camp. You can even send your package on Friday before camp starts to ensure arrival early enough during camp week for the goodies to be enjoyed.

Camp Horseshoe

Scout's Name - Troop 181

1286 Ridge Road

Rising Sun, MS 21911

If Your Scout Needs Something Urgently

Contact one of the parents who is scheduled to go down to camp - he or she might be able to take something down to your son. See parent camping schedule at (to be posted).

Court of Honor Ceremony

On the Saturday of camp week (July 8), we will hold our summer Court of Honor ceremony for scouts and families, where awards and merit badges will be presented. All families are welcome. Plan on gathering at the Roberts campsite around 5pm, and then walk to the central grounds for the 5:45 retreat. After the retreat, we will return to the Roberts campsite for dinner and the Court of Honor. Afterwards, families are welcome to stay for the Horseshoe bonfire at 8pm. Please pack a dinner for your family and bring folding chairs for each family member. Please also bring an appetizer, side dish or dessert to share with the troop.

Saturday Evening & Sunday Pickup

We require that all scouts stay overnight at camp after the Court of Honor on Saturday. Although it is tempting to take your scout home that evening, it is important for him to stay until camp is over on Sunday. The scouts will have breakfast together and attend a Sunday worship ceremony if they wish. The troop must clean up the campsite in order to prepare for the next troop arriving in the afternoon. Scouts have the responsibility of packing not only their personal gear, but helping to pack up troop gear and loading the trailer for the return trip. The trailer also needs to be unloaded once we return to BUMC. Parents should get a phone call when their scouts are nearing BUMC as they travel back. Typically, the scouts arrive around midday.