Registration and Fees

2022 Summer Camp: Horseshoe

Registration and Fees

Please see below the key dates in terms of registration

  • Deposit ($50/camper) due date: February 28, 2022

  • Discounted fee due date: On or before April 15 --$450

  • Full fee due date: After April 15--$495

This year (2022), BSA (Boy Scouts of America) CCC (Chester County Council) will implement a brand-new online system for managing camp registration, payment, dietary restrictions, merit badge selection, etc. that will be managed by scouts’ parents who are attending Horseshoe. To enable the parents to do that, please send an email to Troop’s summer camp coordinator Amy Zhang: to let her know that your scout/scouts will be going this year, (along with the names of your scout/scouts). She will help create one parent account for each scout and will share the User ID and Password with each parent separately.