Document/Info Needed from Parents

2022 Summer Camp: Horseshoe

Document/Info Needed from Parents

  • Medical Forms

Every scout who attends Summer Camp must have a Boy Scout medical form on file with the Council. Parts A, B and C of the health form are required, and Part C must be signed by your scout’s doctor. This form can be found below. Also needed is a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card. These forms are good for one year, so if your scout has a form dated July 30 2021 or later, he may still be current. These medical forms are due to Amy Zhang by July 1, 2022.

  • Special Need Request

If you have any special needs (physical arrangement, assistance requested or special dietary request, etc.), please provide all the information in your parent account that is set up by our summer camp coordinator Amy Zhang.

  • Taking Medications at Camp

To be updated for 2022