Packing for Horseshoe

2022 Summer Camp: Horseshoe

Packing for Horseshoe

See Packing List below. We highly recommend that Scouts pack their personal gear in a plastic footlocker with wheels. Many parents purchase the following:

  • Helpful Hints for Packing

- When packing for camp, remember to pack your swimsuit and towel on top in your trunk, one of the first activities after arriving at camp is the swimming proficiency test.

- Remember that all electronic devices (cell phones, gaming systems, iPods, etc.) should stay at home. If your scout thinks he needs something to do during downtime, bring a book (summer reading!) or work on another badge or rank advancement.

- Be sure to pack a mosquito net and non-aerosol bug spray or an insecticide towel. The inexpensive kind of mosquito net that fits over a single bed/cot is fine and the ceilings over the bunks have hooks for installation.

- Bring sunscreen; a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses are a plus. If your scout is bringing a hammock, be sure to pack two 10' lengths of climbing webbing or rope (nylon is the best option) rated for 400+ pounds, and 2 climbing carabiners - safety is key. If you have your Tote 'n Chip, bring your own bar of soap or balsa wood for carving.

- Battery powered fans are appreciated and will ensure your scout's popularity among his roomies. Pack plenty of extra batteries.

- Although not a merit badge offering, scouts invest a good deal of time in poker; from learning as beginners to advanced gaming strategies. All are welcome and included, especially those scouts who have prepared by packing AWESOME CANDY. Best are individually wrapped candies like Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, etc., 'non-meltables" that can withstand heat. Milk chocolate does not stay neat in the heat.

- Have your scout bring a folding chair and a hanger for his Class A uniform, which will be worn each evening.

- New scouts will work on their swimming merit badge - please pack a long-sleeved button down shirt and long pants. These will be used to learn water survival skills.

- Scouts should bring some cash for sundries and snacks at the Trading Post