Post date: Dec 05, 2015 4:9:20 PM

Congratulations to Eagle Scout candidates Massi DiDario and Vikram Raghupathi on the completion of their Eagle Project benefiting Surrey Senior Services in Devon.

Spotlight on Service

Eagle Scouts and Community Partners Provide Lasting Gift

Thank you to the many community volunteers who provided Surrey Devon with a beautiful new patio near the Fitness Center entrance. The project was organized by Eagle Scout troop 181 and Scouts Massi DiDario and Vikram Raghupathi coordinated the effort for their Eagle project.

Joe Lombardi, from Architetra in Paoli and the architect for Surrey Devon, volunteered to lay out a general patio plan and check township requirements. Todd Cappelli, of Tony Cappelli and Sons, in Wayne (who have been installing the engraved bricks purchased by Surrey supporters for the café patio) volunteered his time to work with the Scouts providing education, advice and on site support.

Numerous volunteers of all ages were on hand to help one Sunday with installation. The Eagle Scouts and their troop leader, several people from Capelli and family members all pitched in to create the patio. Surrey is very fortunate to have such incredible community partners.